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2017-01-16 04:15 pm
Maria Gomez Lacruz INRIA Lille
CISPA 0.01

APP STORE 2.0: From Crowd Information to Actionable Feedback in Mobile Ecosystems

Maria Gomez Lacruz


Title : APP STORE 2.0: From Crowd Information to Actionable Feedback in Mobile Ecosystems

Building: E9 1 (CISPA), Room 0.01


Given the increasing competition in mobile app markets, improving the experience of users has become a major goal for app vendors. Previous studies have demonstrated that app users who encounter issues (e.g., crashes, unresponsive apps) frequently uninstall apps and move to alternative apps. Hence, quickly detecting and preventing issues is crucial for staying competitive in the market.
This presentation introduces a visionary app store, called APP STORE 2.0, which exploits crowdsourced information about apps, devices and users to increase the overall quality of the delivered mobile apps. The APP STORE 2.0 contributes to the delivery of actionable feedbacks to deal with potential errors and threats that affect mobile apps prior to publication or even when the apps are in the hands of end-users. These feedbacks span over risk reports to support the decision process of app store moderators, reproducible scenarios to support the reproduction task of app developers, performance reports for app developers, and app patches for app users. We have prototyped these systems in the context of the Android ecosystem.


I am a postdoctoral researcher at Inria Lille – Nord Europe research center working with the SPIRALS team. I have recently obtained the International PhD in Computer Science, supervised by Prof. Romain Rouvoy and Prof. Lionel Seinturier at Inria Lille and the University of Lille. My research focuses on the automatic detection, reproduction, and repair of bugs in mobile applications in the wild by using crowdsourcing. My area of research includes Software Engineering, Mobile Computing, App Store Analysis and Crowdsourcing. During my PhD I had the pleasure to collaborate with internationally recognized researchers. In 2015 I obtained a Mitacs Globalink Research Award and I spent three months working with Dr. Bram Adams in the MCISgroup at Polytechnique Montréal (Montreal, Canada). In 2016, I spent four months working with Prof. Walid Maalej in the MAST group at the University of Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany).