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15. May 2017

Michael Backes invited to TV show “Saartalk”

On 11 May, CISPA Director Prof. Michael Backes was invited to “Saartalk”. In a discussion with State Secretary Dr. Anke Morsch (Ministry of Justice of Saarland) and the hosts of the show, Norbert Klein and Peter Stefan Herbst, they talked about
digitalization, protection against cyber attacks, and data protection. The whole show (44 minutes) is available in “SR Mediathek” (in German).

3. November 2016

Saarbruecker Zeitung and SR Reporting on Inauguration of CISPA-Stanford Center

After the press conference in Saarbruecken, the paper “Saarbruecker Zeitung” has published an article on the foundation of the CISPA-Stanford Center highlighting the importance of the cooperation:

Article by Saarbruecker Zeitung

Broadcasting company “SR (Saarlaendischer Rundfunk)” mainly underlined the uniqueness of the program and its importance for both IT-security scientists themselves and research in this area.

SR Online

SR’s “Aktueller Bericht” has also reported on the inauguration. Watch the video here (in German)

25. October 2016

SR Interviews CISPA Researchers on “EDV-Gerichtstag”

Following the annual symposium on current legal aspects of Information Technology, “EDV-Gerichtstag”, Saarländischer Rundfunk interviewed several researchers of Prof. Sorge’s Legal Informatics department.
The symposium took place in Saarbruecken from 21 – 23 September 2016 and included topics such as e-justice/e-government, privacy, and recent legal developments in investigating cases of cybercrime.

Watch the report and interviews (in German only):

SR Video

EDV-Gerichtstag 2016