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Recent News on the Transformation Process


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3. December 2015

CISPA legal informatics researchers collaborate with the University of Lleida

Between October 7 and November 27, members of the Legal Informatics
research group led by Professor Christoph Sorge were visiting the
University of Lleida in Catalonia (Spain) in order to collaborate on
different areas of interest. The joint research is funded by the German
Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and introduces the group members to new
mindsets, ideas and interesting questions.

The research group “Cryptography and Graphs” led by Josep M. Miret Biosca
has been a long-time associate of Professor Sorge’s team: Members of the
Catalan group had visited the German researchers in Paderborn before
their time at CISPA, Saarland University and have been to Saarbrücken twice in
the past years. Similarly, members of the Legal Informatics group have
been to Lleida three times. Research assistant Frederik Möllers was the first to go, being followed
by group leader Christoph Sorge as well research assistants Stephanie
Vogelgesang and Dominik Leibenger.

The research topics on which members of both groups work together range
from cryptography and statistics to eGovernment and electronic case
files (German eAkte). Open research questions could be tackled by combining the
expertise of both groups and new, interesting ideas were developed. The
research work was supplemented by the incredible hospitality of the
Catalan colleagues.

Both groups are looking forward to continue their partnership beyond the
current funding period. Two papers have been submitted in
cooperation so far and more are in the works.