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21. November 2015

CISPA’s “saarsec” best academic team at ruCTFe 2015 Capture the Flag event

A team of students and CISPA researchers “saarsec” successfully participated in the 2015 ruCTFe. The ruCTFe is an annual hacking (Capture the Flag) event held since 2009, in which university teams and security professionals compete against each other in a virtualized environment. The goal of such Capture the Flag competitions is to teach the participants skills in vulnerability detection, exploitation, and mitigation. To do so, all teams initially get a virtual machine image with a set of vulnerable services, which are used by the organizers to store and retrieve so-called flags. Each team then has to ensure that their services are available and not compromised by other teams, while attacking other teams to steal their flags.

This year’s ruCTFe featured a total number of 140 active teams from all over the globe and ran for 10 hours. In a tight race, the team saarsec took third place, only beaten by teams StratumAuhuur (CCC Aachen) and LC/BC from Russia, thereby making Saarland University the highest ranking university in the competition. In doing so, the team beat teams from other well-known German and European universities, such as TU Berlin, KU Leuven, and Ruhr-University Bochum.

The final results of the competition can be found here: Results