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2016-11-03 10.00 am s.t.
Dennis Hofheinz Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT
CISPA 0.01

New Challenges in Cryptography

Dennis Hofheinz

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT

Title : New Challenges in Cryptography

Building: E9 1 (CISPA), Room 0.01


Cryptography provides a toolbox of universal technical building blocks that are crucial ingredients in the construction of secure systems. For instance, one central building block with a rich history and countless applications is encryption. These days, however, cryptography faces new challenges: modern, qualitatively new applications necessitate the development of new types of building blocks with special properties. “Big Data” applications, for example, require encryption schemes whose security does not degrade even in huge settings. Surprisingly, it turns out that this “non-degradation” property is technically highly non-trivial, and could only recently be achieved.

This talk highlights challenges that modern applications pose to cryptography, with a particular emphasis on encryption schemes. I will go on to present recent results that show how to make progress on and (in some cases) solve these challenges, e.g., for the “Big Data” example sketched above.