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2015-04-09 15:30
Gene Tsudik University of California, Irvine
MPI-SWS 0.02

User Authentication using Pulse-Response Biometric – User Authentication using Pulse-Response Biometric

Gene Tsudik
University of California, Irvine

Title : User Authentication using Pulse-Response Biometric

Building: E1 5 (MPI-SWS), Room 0.02


In this talk we explore a new biometric based on the human body’s response to an electric square pulse signal, called ”pulse-response”.
We consider how this biometric can be used to enhance security in the context of two example applications: (1) an additional authentication
mechanism in PIN entry systems, and (2) a continuous authentication mechanism on a secure terminal. The pulse-response biometric is effective because each human body exhibits a unique response to a signal pulse applied at the palm of one hand, and measured at the palm
of the other.
Using a prototype setup, we show that users can be correctly identified, with high probability, in a matter of seconds. This identification mechanism integrates very well with other well-established methods and offers a reliable additional layer of additional security, either on a continuous basis or at log-in time. We built a proof-of-concept prototype and performed experiments to assess the feasibility of pulse-response as a biometric. Our results are very encouraging: we achieved accuracies of 100% over a static data set and 88% over a data set with samples taken over several weeks.


Gene Tsudik is a Chancellor’s Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). He received his PhD in Computer Science from USC in 1991. Before coming to UCI in 2000, he was at IBM Zurich Research Laboratory (1991-1996) and USC/ISI (1996-2000). Over the years, his research interests included numerous topics in security, privacy and applied cryptography. From 2009, he serves as the Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on Information and Systems Security (TISSEC). Gene Tsudik is a former Fulbright Scholar as well as a fellow of IEEE and ACM.