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For further information on the above mentioned founding process, please refer to the official press release by the State Chancellery of Saarland.

Recent News on the Transformation Process


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Security of mobile and ubiquitous computing


The mobile and ubiquitous computing research area focuses on the design, analysis, and evaluation of secure mobile and ubiquitous computing systems.

Mobile and ubiquitous computing have already and will continue to heavily influence our every-day lives, be it our smart phones or new technologies like wearables. Since these smart computing devices are part of our daily routines and we heavily rely on their functionality, the more important become their security and privacy properties.

The research in this area aims to develop ubiquitous computing systems with strong data confidentiality and integrity guarantees, as well as secure, controllable, and privacy-preserving mobile platforms.


ARTist: The Android Runtime Instrumentation and Security Toolkit

How Internet Resources Might Be Helping You Develop Faster but Less Securely

Richterliche Unabhängigkeit und Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – Weg in die Zukunft oder unvertretbares Sicherheitsrisiko?

Reliable Third-Party Library Detection in Android and its Security Applications

SGX-Enabled Oblivious Machine Learning

On Demystifying the Android Application Framework: Re-Visiting Android Permission Specification Analysis

VatiCAN - Vetted, Authenticated CAN Bus

Boxify: Bringing Full-Fledged App Sandboxing to Stock Android

R-Droid: Leveraging Android App Analysis with Static Slice Optimization

SoK: Lessons Learned From Android Security Research For Appified Software Platforms

You Get Where You're Looking For: The Impact Of Information Sources On Code Security

HornDroid: Practical and Sound Static Analysis of Android Applications by SMT Solving

Nearly Optimal Verifiable Data Streaming

Nearly Optimal Verifiable Data Streaming

Datenspeicherung in modernen Fahrzeugen – wem „gehören” die im Fahrzeug gespeicherten Daten?

Efficient smart metering based on homomorphic encryption

Privacy Challenges in the Quantified Self Movement - An EU Perspective

Delegatable Functional Signatures

A Stream-Based Specification Language for Network Monitoring

Operational Analytics Data Management Systems

Establishing mandatory access control on Android OS

POSTER: The ART of App Compartmentalization

Hitting Families of Schedules for Asynchronous Programs

Mining Android Apps for Anomalies

Boxify: Full-fledged App Sandboxing for Stock Android

Mining Apps for Abnormal Usage of Sensitive Data

Scippa: System-Centric IPC Provenance on Android

DEMO: Enhancing Security and Privacy with Google Glass

SDDR: Light-Weight, Secure Mobile Encounters

A Tutorial on Human Activity Recognition Using Body-worn Inertial Sensors

Detection and Tracking of Occluded People

EnCore: Private, Context-based Communication for Mobile Social Apps

Investigating the effectiveness of peephole interaction for smartwatches in a map navigation task