CISPA is currently in the founding process to join the German Helmholtz Association as a new member. It is consequently undergoing significant organizational changes, which are not yet reflected on this webpage.

For further information on the above mentioned founding process, please refer to the official press release by the State Chancellery of Saarland.

Recent News on the Transformation Process


The location of the first construction phase has been agreed upon. For further information, please refer to the official press release .

Stefan Nuernberger
Dr.-Ing. | Researcher


Code Reuse Attacks & Defenses

Run-time attacks manage to change the behaviour of a program during run-time and turn an otherwise benign program into a malicious program that the attacker controls. The most prominent example of run-time attacks re-combines existing instructions of a program to create a new meaning -- so-called Code Reuse Attacks. We develop solutions to detect, mitigate or even prevent those types of attacks and make operating systems more secure than ever before.