CISPA is currently in the founding process to join the German Helmholtz Association as a new member. It is consequently undergoing significant organizational changes, which are not yet reflected on this webpage.

For further information on the above mentioned founding process, please refer to the official press release by the State Chancellery of Saarland.

Recent News on the Transformation Process


The location of the first construction phase has been agreed upon. For further information, please refer to the official press release .

Transfer & Innovation

Industry Transfer


We successfully collaborate with such major companies as Alcatel-Lucent, Akamai, Google, Intel, Microsoft, SAP, Scheer, and Twitter, and several PhD students in the CISPA are funded through these sources. Our continuous effort to transfer our foundational research results into prototypical systems have initiated a significant number of industrial collaborations.

Public Transfer


Besides the engagement of CISPA in IT fairs such as CeBIT with a particular focus on companies as the target audience, CISPA also participated in many exhibitions with citizens as the main audience. In order to strengthen our visibility for citizens interested in our research results, we presented our work with hands-on display items on more specialized events such as the citizen-oriented open day of Saarland University, at public panel discussions such as REVOLUTION – Die Wissensshow zur Digitalen Gesellschaft organized by the Helmholtz society, and the Highlights der Physik end of September 2014.



Saarbrücken has a well-established history of successful spin-offs, two prominent names being IDS Scheer (now part of Software AG (2,800 employees)) and SAP Retail (230 employees, formerly Dacos). Since 1995, members of Saarland University have created a total of 83 spin-off companies in the IT field. Several among them were founded by CISPA researchers, for example, AirCloak (Francis), SRT (Backes), Testfabrik (Zeller) Algorithmic Solutions (Mehlhorn), and motama (Slusallek). DFKI alone has generated 63 spin-off companies with more than 1400 jobs. Four European ICT prizes, two EXIST start-up grants and the IKT Innovation startup grant were awarded to Saarbrücken spin-off companies for their innovative technologies.

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